Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Who knows where the time goes?

Only a moment ago it seemed as though summer was coming to a close and we were collecting all the wild harvests, but time has flown by and now we find ourselves plonked down in the middle of December preparing for Yule. But where have we been hiding all these months? I confess that I was tucked away for a little while making felt critters and festive creations for a friend to add to her stall at Leamington Spa's Christmas Market.

A couple of critters and other gubbins. Creations also by Mum and Dad.
And whilst I was busy crafting, Rob and Abingdon Traditional Morris Dancers were busy starring in a music video for Stealing Sheep:

Recently we also decided to open a little Etsy shop to sell some of the other items I have been making, such as the bits and bobs below:

So pop on over to The Thames Witchery and come and say hello. I am currently working on a number of pyrography designs including a Green Man and an adaption of a carving from the Hylestad stave church.

Samhain kept us pretty busy too. It was wonderful to see friends and family for a little feast. I meant to post these photos long ago:

And finally, now, I find I have a little time to catch up on all the blogs and online friends I have been missing.


  1. Missing you, too. So artsy-fartsy and craftsy! (written with great affection, you know.)

  2. Those products are really terrific, Valonia. I loved the Celtic Knot tree slice. The morris dancing video was very well done too - certainly a different angle on the tradition! How the hell did you manage the side's exit from the phone box?


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