Tuesday, 23 April 2013

To new beginnings.

This will be our new home for our new home:

The Gabble Ratchet is a 60x12ft widebeam style narrowboat that is currently being built  for us by ABC Boats and will be lined by Sherwood Narrowboats.
The "pointy end". What? That's proper nautical terminology, that is.
She's huge!

The "in case of emergency" bow thrusters have their own bilge... in case of an emergency...

swim and "rounded end". One of us has to keep up the boating cluelessness...

It's the bum! ooh, er!

Huge front deck with front opening storage locker.


  1. Fab pics Val! Exciting times!!!

  2. Looking good guys - very excited for you both! X

    1. Thanks, Holly. Are you any good with a paint brush?? ;) x

  3. Are you sure it's a home? Looks like a hotel!! Hope you are enjoying the experience

  4. I'm beginning to worry a little. :) It's been great so far. The hard work will start when it's our turn to work on her.


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