Sunday, 28 April 2013

It's looking a lot like a boat these days.

Anne from ABC Boats has sent us some photos of recent work done to The Gabble Ratchet. They are so close to finishing her and by the end of the week the boat will be in Sherwood Boat's yard ready to be lined. Rob will be visiting on Thursday and so will be able to take some more photos. We are amazed by the job Dean and Anne have done for us so far. The boat looks stunning.

Roof panels going on.

We have a stern door frame (not as in 'looking serious').

Pointy end has a door too.

That's a tall gas bottle... I might have gone slightly off topic...

Ooh, looks like a proper boat with gas lockers and doors and an engine bay and a tiller and a hole for the cat flap and OMFG!, WE'RE GETTING A NEW BOAT! Sorry...

*still in awe*


  1. Looking fantastic. Best of luck.

    1. Hello!!!
      And thanks :)
      Rob has been telling me about your adventures in the wild - I never knew you blogged and am really looking forward to reading about them! I'll add you to my blogroll. :)

  2. That's s fine boat guys, and to think I've recently filled in a Catflap!!

    1. What? You mean to say you didn't save us your catflap hole??? ;)


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