Friday, 3 May 2013

On the move.

Time passes quickly when you don't keep an eye on it. I'm sure it was only a couple of days ago that we decided to build a new boat so I'm not entirely sure how it came about that our newly-decided-to-build-a boat is no longer in the yard of her construction but in the care of Sherwood Boats becoming a battened-and-insulated-and-lined-out boat and no longer a boat of our imaginings.

Anne and Dean, of the ABC Boats crew, sent us some photos of our new boat as it was getting craned onto the lorry ready to leave their yard. The boat looks amazing and has spurred us into action. Today, we ordered some kitchen and bathroom units. And a bath (oh, the luxury).

The boat left ABC Boats a couple of days ago and yesterday Rob popped up to Nottingham to see her in Sherwood Boat's yard.

Smaller than a shed. See our boat isn't very big.

The batons are going up.

Martin of Sherwood Boats. He doesn't like having his photo taken.

Martin at work.

Okay, so she is quite big.

We have an engine.
We also have a cat flap but that was put on the wrong way round (by a dog person, I assume) so when the windows are in place we'll be able to lure cats into the boat and they won't be able to escape. Lolly Cat will be so very pleased with us...


  1. What a transformation she looks wonderful, I didn't realise she was painted, ,I assumed primer
    Do you have a completion date scheduled'

    1. That's only a "holding" coat of paint. I get to apply the last couple of coats by hand and I'm not very good at it! I was speaking to a friend today, though, and she's going to paint a design on it for us. That's exciting and will spur me on through the task! :)

      The boat should be ready for us by the end of May and we're hoping to fit her out and be livng onboard by the end of the summer. That might be mainly optimism on our part. We moved onto our current boat when it only had a stove and we still haven't finished fitting her out properly. That was 8 years ago!

  2. Still a tiny house.

    I've missed visiting here. Thanks for stopping by with the reminder.

  3. Always a tiny house.

    I'm so very glad to have you back here.

  4. Such a beautiful boat she is becoming!


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