Saturday, 29 June 2013

And so the work begins.

We brought in the heavies to kick start the work needed to get The Gabble Ratchet habitable. Dad C constructed bulkheads and Rob's brother, Steven, and nephew, Finn, made quick work of the kitchen cabinets. Mum C and I carried most of the contents of the lock up (remember that lock up?) onto the boat, although we did have some assistance, and Rob concentrated on electrics.
Rob and Steven may have got a little distracted when fitting our new bilge pump and now we have a wine cellar.
What's with the strategically placed finger? 
Ah. Might need to add wood filler to the shopping list. 

Going well, the build is going well...


  1. This is what happens when you let a band of pirates outfit your new home.

  2. You'd think all those scarves and neckerchiefs would've suggested I was in for some kind of trouble...


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