Thursday, 4 July 2013

Sofa so good (did you see what I did there?).

The build is coming along. We've only had part of the bulkheads constructed so far because the sofa we ordered is too wide to fit through any of the internal doors. In fact, it will only fit through one external door and that is at the opposite end of the boat to where we want the sofa. So, for the last few weeks whilst we've been awaiting delivery of said sofa that has to be moved through walls to get to its desired location the walls have looked like this:
With cat. She oversees the build and judges the build quality of her soon-to-be home. And then she guards *cough*sleeps*cough* on our building materials.
She will soon have somewhere more cosy to sit as the sofa has finally arrived. 
There's nowhere to store it out of the way so for the moment it stands on end in the kitchen. Soon the rest of the walls will be built and the only way that sofa is leaving the boat is in tiny pieces! The cat will have to continue to sleep where she is for now, though.

In the meantime, kitchen work has progressed. We now have work tops:
And the cupboards and drawers have fronts and handles (still need to affix the doors over the inbuilt appliances):
But it's all beginning to take shape. 

Rob has been working on the plumbing for the bathroom and the bath/shower pump is ready to go and awaiting a hole to be drilled into the side of the boat.
That doesn't look like work to me... 

Meanwhile, Mum C and I have been working on making the back deck non-slip. 
Mum painted whilst I sieved on sand and then I later added another coat of paint. Some areas are a bit patchy and need redoing but rain stopped play.
The next big job is to varnish the interior walls and I've roped in Mum L to help with that. Oh, the joy that awaits her... 

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