Saturday, 14 September 2013

Home is where the owls are.

Summer was in her infancy when we started this build and now, as evening falls, the skies fill with skuas following the river north and thus mark her passing. There's a nip in the air and autumnal storms are due. We'll watch these storms from the comfort of our new home now we are in, cat and all. The boat isn't as yet finished and as those around us light their stoves to keep out the evening chill I look on in envy. But soon, very soon, I've been promised a fire of my own to keep us warm. Until then it's woollen jumpers and cosy blankets. 

The last time I posted we had just finished the bulkheads and stuffed them full of stories that will one day break free of their confines (hopefully not whilst we're still here). And now? Well, everyone has been busy...

Our bath is fully operational. We still need to add the side panels, and the bathroom still needs a basin and toilet to be installed. We are currently using facilities brought in from the camper van. 

I'm also now the proud owner of an airing cupboard. It all feels rather grown up... But now I have somewhere to dry herbs. 

Our fire awaits completion. Chimney is on order. This time around we've opted for a back boiler and so all through winter this stove should provide us with hot water and hot radiators. 

A wardrobe! Twice the size of our one on The Green Man, the thought of all that storage is overwhelming! 

Floors have been laid. Oak for the lounge, kitchen and bedroom.

White pine in the study/music room. 

And stone tiles in the bathroom. 

Lolly helped lay most of the flooring... 

And here we are, in possession of our very own sofa, in a home we can't quite believe is ours. 

I will post a full photographic tour of the boat when we are fully settled in and nearly finished. The study at the moment is called The Shed and is non-operational as a living space. Our degrees start again next month and it would be nice to have a desk in there by then. 

But for now, wherever my owls are is home. 


  1. Hi valonia!!
    Good to see you yesterday and to get the guided tour!, cannot work out how to pm you but if you add the river ------ to my occupation and add I will email Janes address back to you!, hope that makes sense. If not steve or Gary have our home number and we can swap e-mail addresses the old fashioned way



  2. Hello J&J! Will email you now, let's see how successful I am. If I get it right I'll delete your comment to make sure no one else bothers you. Not that I think anyone else reads this blog, mind... Xx

  3. What a lovely boat you're building!

    1. Thank you! :) I'm so sorry for the many month delay in replying.


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