Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The stories in the walls.

Building this boat is not just about the end result. It is the story of how we got here and how it changed us along the way. And who will want to know, in years to come, where this boat came from and who dreamed it into existence? This boat is a part of us and hidden in the walls is our story and that of its birth. There are gems and notes and tidbits about who we are and the summer spent toiling away. It tells of family and love and hope of a new life in a bigger boat for the mad woman, Morris man and fat cat-who-thinks-she's-human. And it shows the people who we love who have brought us this far and who will be the ones to carry us over the finish line for without them this big boat of ours would still be an imagining.
Family together on a hot, hot summer evening. The Green Man on the right. From one home to another.
But there are other secrets too, hidden in these walls of ours. Some have a practical element and some are just for fun - because we know they are there and that someday they will once again come to light.
This is not a wardrobe...
Old favourites, threadbare and torn, reveal that I wear a lot of green and gray. Old clothes sealed behind the walls act as insulation to stop sounds traveling the length and breadth of the boat. Strange it may seem, but we have a music room on board and music enjoyment is often dulled when one person is trying to sleep whilst the other is taken by musical inspiration.

It is these little things, these snippets unseen in the daily run of our lives, that is the time capsule of our build. And in these we honour those that brought us here. For it is their story too.

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  1. A boat stuffed with stories.

    We have a music room in our house, as well.


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