Tuesday, 4 August 2015


We met together, the few of us, to mark the start of the harvest festivals. This is my favourite run, leading up to Samhain and Yule. I like the darker time of the year and Lammas signals that soon Summer will break and Autumn will return. Not yet, though. Not quite yet, but nearly...

So, we gathered on a warm evening for our hlaf-mas ('loaf-mass') on the water. Rob cooked a beautiful stew with blueberries and pork, and to accompany it our loaf, Barry Wheatycorn, our tribute to John Barleycorn.

Barry Wheatycorn (of the burned nipples).
'John Barleycorn Barry Wheatycorn must die.'
And so, only a head is left to be returned to the earth.


  1. That is faintly cannibalistic...

    1. Now that you come to mention it... He was still warm, too.


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