Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Summer fruits and season falling.

The Spanish Plume (who knew?) saw temperatures rise to 30C on Saturday and it turned into a fine day for some foraging.

We added elderberries to our blackberry stash ready for making port (but not until we've collected the first frost's sloes). Our freezer is currently full of berries.

"Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!"
Processing the elderberries
And then there were windfall apples and plums for crumbles and other sweet treats.

Apples and plums (and possibly a wasp that was chasing me)
The local rowan trees are currently heavy under the weight of fruit. I've collected some berries already to dry in garlands before they become too soft.

rowan berries (looking like mardi gras beads)
I'm hoping to use them as decorations for Yule, but am debating whether to make rowan wine. We're also contemplating harvesting mugwort for a Samhain brew, 'Oh Lordy, it's Mugworty', as a change from last year's pumpkin 'Oh Lordy, it's Gourdy' beer (see what we did there?).

Since that glorious day of foraging the weather has turned in upon itself and summer seems to be falling into the first clutches of autumn. Temperatures have dropped by over ten degrees, and the leaves along the riverbank are showing signs of decay. It's been cold enough to warrant a fire on some occasions. Whilst it's been dark and damp outside, we have been tucked up cosy and warm within. This is one of the things I love about boat life, and the turning from summer into autumn is my favourite time of year.

When it's cold outside...

First fire of the season


  1. Fruits in the freezer and needing fires, I'm quite wanting to join you.

    1. I don't envy you your long, hot summers - they'd eat too much into autumn for my liking!

  2. A really lovely post, Valonia and makes me want to go and gather sloes for gin - but I try to wait until the first frost has been on them. Trouble is others don't have that patience!

    1. Rob is eager to pick sloes already. I'm trying to hold him back...


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