Monday, 15 July 2013

The pace quickens.

The build has been storming along but with family help progress is even greater than I could've imagined. The boat is beginning to look less like a steel shell and more like a home. 

Mum and dad L helped me sand the kitchen and living room walls before attacking it skilfully with varnish. 
Dad C and Rob have fixed the most-awkward-sink-known-to-mankind into one of the kitchen worktops and in front of one of the windows so I'll have a lovely view when washing up. I get washing up duties because Rob is the chef. And a very good one he is too.
Beer and bricks. Sorted. 

They've also been working on building walls and hanging the first of our three doors. A home with doors? Imagine that.

And not only that, we're very close to having a space that can officially be called a room. 
Walls! Internal bulkheads take shape. 

We've even had chance to try out our new sofa. 
The boat might look like a building site but it's currently a damn comfy one. 

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