Saturday, 6 July 2013

Of tubs and, maybe one day, suds.

We're adding a bath in this new boat build home of ours. It's been nearly a decade since we last had one to call our own and the near giddiness of longing we reached upon realising we could once again incorporate one into our home was nearly overwhelming. It might sound extreme, and we're grateful for having any means whatsoever to scrub clean our pikey selves, but a bath? Somewhere to lay and read and ease those aching joints? How could we refuse?

And so today, with hose from the water point outside, we tested the waters to see how she lies. 

and those waters were sun-hose warm and sparkling bright. And the tub leaked a little. But we stood in it and marvelled at it before seeking out the means to make it fully watertight. Soon, very soon, our bathroom will have walls and perhaps, one day, we won't need the hose to fill our little tub.


  1. 10 years without a bath(!) - even so, that's a poor justification for getting a wider boat. Anyway I thought Morris dancers never washed (or is that only the "black-face" sides?)
    Congrats to you both - she looks a super boat and will make a lovely home.

  2. Oh, those little things that make a house(boat) a home(boat).

  3. Avus, ha! Part of me is glad that Rob is just a hanky wafting kind of Morris man. I fear black grease paint smears would be found all over our boat otherwise! The boat is coming on well. We thought about the space bricks and mortar could give us but we couldn't bear the actual thought of not living on the river. I think boat life has seeped into our blood. :)


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