Thursday, 4 July 2013

Salad gardener.

I have been inspired of late by Zhoen's beautiful garden as she transforms and develops it and so have returned, once again, to gardening on a small scale. There's not enough room on the back deck of The Green Man for much in the way of plants but as long as it's edible it's allowed onboard. I'll have much more room on The Gabble Ratchet but for now I am content to see little pockets of life spring up around me.

My pot of trusty rosemary, that has seen many stunted seasons pass, has been joined by a basket of thyme, mint and oregano with nasturtium seeds scattered between

A tin of wild strawberries waiting for the sun to blush the fruit, leaves dance in the cool summer breeze.
Sentinels of celeriac, young and still to form ball roots.
Tomato for Rob, though it's frail after a cat attack.
Rocket behind, peeking through the soil, and spinach already eager to grow five days after the seed was planted.
Coriander, another solely for Rob, a favourite in his curries.
Basil, chives and parsley.
There's something so calming and fulfilling about having plants around me again. I never realised how much I missed tending them.

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  1. A floating garden, sounds like a minor wonder of the world.


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